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Canada's Pharmacy of the Future

As a national digital pharmacy disrupting the $50 billion pharmacy market. Mednow strives to lead the digital health evolution using our people-first approach with helpful technology, redefining pharmacy's role in holistic care. Mednow's vision is to be a household name in the provision of convenient healthcare services to all Canadians. Designed with quality care in mind, Mednow uses a people-first approach with helpful technology to redefine pharmacy's role in holistic care.


We believe all people of Canada should have access to amazing care to help them live their healthiest lives.

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Mednow targets National Digital Pharmacy Distribution by Q2 2022

  • Established 6 high volume throughput, multi thousand script capacity, pharmacies nationwide
  • State-of-the-Art Consumer Facing App on the Apple and Android
  • 60 Employees (Tech, Marketing and Pharmacy) that won 2021 Great Place to Work(™) award
  • Efficient customer acquisition on Google, Instagram and Facebook
  • 3 acquisitions bringing $30M in annualized revenue to Mednow

Investment Highlights

2022 & 2023 Forecasts Show Strong Growth

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Corporate Structure

TSX-V Symbol: MNOW
Share outstanding: 21.6M1
Market cap: C$17.7M1
Cash balance: C$16.42
Insider ownership: ~47%

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Full stack healthcare offering

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A proven

Mednow for Business is the virtual pharmacy that over delivers for plan member's needs

69% of benefits costs are spent on members with chronic conditions and unmanaged chronic disease is the biggest cost driver for benefit plans.1

Mednow is a best-of-breed service provider in the enterprise health space. Our focus on digital pharmacy care as well as having more locations than any other digital pharmacy enables us to provide services to employers at a much higher rate of engagement than traditional pharmacy.

1* https://www.sunlife.ca/static/canada/Sponsor/About%20Group%20Benefits/Group%20benefits%20products%20and%20services/The%20Conversation/Bright%20Papers/files/GB10267-E.pdf